Welcome to randomwalk blog. Here I pen down random thoughts/ studies/ opinions/ etc. related to cybersecurity and machine learning (Or sometimes Computer Science in general). For one to one chat, please click here or use my public key here.


Best way to contact me is email. (Will be updated soon)


I have borrowed the hardwork of following people to build this website (with minor tweaks). Thanks to

  1. Michael Rose(for the jekyll theme)

  2. Jeff Donahue (for the email unscramble script)

I use and advocate opensource. Design used here is also open to fork.


  • Google Analytics is enabled on this website, purely for learning.
  • All pictures available in this website are ‘labelled for reuse’.
  • Most pictures used for projects pages are representational.
  • All efforts have been made to ensure references to original sources for every blog or project or otherwise. If something is still missing, please email author for inclusion.